What our clients say about us

We are privileged to serve our clients and proud whenever they praise us for the financial guidance and investment advice we provide on their behalf. It inspires us to continue our important work: Pursuing their personal goals and building their financial independence.

Eric and the Muir Investment Team have been our financial guide for the past twenty-five years. We have listened to their advice and have not regretted decisions made on our behalf.

Their advice resulted in my husband taking early retirement at 61 years old which allowed us plenty of time for travel and adventures. I have been a widow for the past ten years. How grateful i have been for that extra time together.

Eric and his team are always ready to give me their time and considered advice. At almost 90 years of age, I have enjoyed many years of comfortable retirement with absolutely no financial worries. Eric has helped me design my final financial plans to my absolute satisfaction.

To my delight, three family members have taken my advice and put their investment portfolio with the Eric Muir Team at Raymond James.
– June Guy

Eric and Tracy,

Probably being married to an American has put me in this space, but for me, Thanksgiving season starts with out Canadian holiday and sorta carries on until American Thanksgiving -- then we start Christmas!

This note is just to say "Thank you" for your work on our extended family's portfolios. I know that with uncertainty on almost every front, this is not an easy year for you as you work to protect and possibly grow our investments. I know it is your 'job', and you are compensated for it, but as someone heading into the final quarter of my life, I look about me and think of the people who are trying to make this time in my life as pleasant as possible. You are some of those people! So, my sincere 'thanks'. As a person living among the 5% most prosperous in the world, I am humbled and grateful for such an unmerited blessing, and I am thankful for the opportunity to steward these resources as honorable as I can.

And 'thank you' also for the little gifts from time to time.... the wine that arrived at our door during the early summer, the chocolates for my Mom -- we enjoy and appreciate their unexpected blessing.

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue striving to do your best for all of us.

Once again, 'Thank you'.
– Tim Toronchuk

Dear Tracey,

We hope you and the Muir Team are staying healthy and keeping safe in these unprecedented times. Elmo and I are sending a big “Thank You” to you and the Muir Team for the excellent service we have received over the years.

We have been particularly impressed with the depth of information and the quick response to verbal and email requests.

Tracy, we appreciate the way you readily respond to our questions and provide regular portfolio follow ups. You have a special way of explaining the markets in layman’s language.

Special mention must be made of Sherri McDermott. She has consistently provided fast and courteous service, never hesitating to seek out information and and follow up on our behalf.

We like the Market Commentaries and videos prepared by Eric which we find very informative and easy to follow.

We also enjoy the birthday greetings and Eric’s stories behind certain statutory and special holidays.

Getting out to some of the financial and fun seminars is a challenge at times. However, we want you to know we have found the ones that we attended very valuable.

Thanks once again to you, Eric and the Muir Team for great service.
– Arleen

Since becoming clients of the Muir Investment Team, Eric has consistently offered practical financial advice and is sensitive to our concerns.
– G. & J. Yuen

We appreciate Eric’s knowledge and assistance in guiding us to build a solid investment strategy for our future.
– K. & Y. Worsnop

Eric’s understanding of our financial situation and his carefully considered strategies have resulted in a solid financial plan.
– D. Eastlick

The results of our client feedback program were very positive as this letter from Advisor Impact (which conducted the survey) attests.

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